Get immediate results in case of damage with exclusive ARS policy

What are the benefits of ARS?

  • The policyholder will feel the insurance company’s support.
  • Damages are minimized for both sides.
  • Damage determination and assessment time is reduced.
  • The policyholder will be returning to their business sooner.

BİMTES HG’s ARS (Emergency Restoration System) agreement provides significant privileges for both insurance companies and policyholders.

When a policyholder has an ARS agreement, they begin to receive service within the first 12-48 hours. BİMTES HG ensures environmental safety, sets the priorities with the policyholder and determines the actual equipment pool during the first stage. Then the team prepares a status report as well as a cost analysis. All these services are free of charge for an insurance policy with ARS.

ARS supports insurance companies both materially and morally. It is possible to take preventive measures against increasing damage with ARS. Thanks to an emergency analysis right after the damage, the policyholder can feel the positive aspects of their insurance more easily and feels satisfied with the service. As the policyholder will return to their business shortly, profit loss insurance will be minimized.

ARS agreement significantly shortens the process between the policyholder, the insurance company and the damage restoration company and the policyholder will be back to business quickly.